COMMUNITY SNOW SHOVELING PROGRAM: The Winooski Parks and Recreation Department would like to announce the Community Snow Shoveling Program that will provide a service to the elderly and disabled people in our community. We will match requests for shoveling walkways for the elderly and disabled with community members who are willing to shovel when three inches or more of snow fall. All you need to participate is a shovel, a warm coat and a positive attitude. We will let you know who needs the service at Judi Online, and you show up when it snows! This all volunteer effort needs your support to volunteer or if you know someone who needs this service, please call, 655-6410 Ext. 19.

ZONING UPDATE UNDERWAY. The Development Review Board and staff are working to update zoning over the upcoming months in Bandar Dominobet .  All are welcomed to email comments via the following link