The Declaration of Vermont Homestead (HS-131) identifies your property as a homestead. You must file a declaration to receive the correct school property tax rate.
The law requires you to file this declaration if you are a Vermont resident and own and occupy a Vermont property as your principal home on April 1, 2005.
Summary of Property Valuation

Winooski property values are based upon a city-wide reappraisal conducted in 1991.  The State of Vermont reports that the assessment ratio for December 2004 is 69.12%.
Personal Property report forms due by April 20, 2005.
Download the 2005 Personal Property Report Form [ HERE ]
(requires Acrobat Reader)
PERSONAL PROPERTY: is anything of depreciable nature which is associated with your business.  Personal property includes furnishings (office furniture, shelving, tables, chairs, etc.), office equipment, manufacturing equipment, and appliances and furnishings of residential rental units.  Personal property does not include rolling stock or inventory.
DEPRECIATION:  Consult your bookkeeper or accountant for depreciation information.  Generally, IRS depreciated values are acceptable.  Should you not utilize IRS methods, please be advised that the City permits a depreciation of 10% per year for the first eight years with a 20% residual value thereafter.  Fair market value is not necessarily the same as depreciated book value.  Please estimate the FAIR MARKET VALUE you would receive for your personal property in an arms-length transaction and note this on the appropriate place on the report form.
LEASED PROPERTY:   Please report the type of equipment and leasing company information if you are not responsible for taxes.  Our goal is to avoid having both lessor and lessee pay personal property tax on those items. If you are uncertain, please, read your lease or contact your accountant or bookkeeper for clarification.